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How you can make YOU a priority this Valentines Day

February has begun which means it’s all about self-care here at Wavy Deo! We are going to discuss how to keep that skin glowing and your mind flowing so get into it!With lockdown still looming over us coupled with winter weather, it is each to feel frazzled at the moment. From dark evenings to hours cramped over a screen, our minds and bodies are probably in desperate need of some serious TLC. An excellent way to show yourself some love is with a spot of self-care. From an acne-fighting and blemish removing Azelaic Acid face mask, to pedicures and even curling up in front of your favourite Netflix show; being kind to yourself is an act of love.If you can...

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A Beginners Guide to Veganuary

Let's jump right in, what exactly is a vegan? According to The Vegan Society, veganism is ‘a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and  practicable...

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How To Stay Fit and Fresh This Season

The run up to Christmas is often an indulgent spell, crammed full of celebrations and packed with decadent dishes, fizz and copious quantities of canapes. Whether you’re feeling the festivities or not this year, ensuring you make time to move your body and keep active is a great way to stay on top form mentally and physically. Not only is outdoor exercise effective at keeping you physically fit, but the benefits of working out can be fantastic for your mental health too. Whether it’s running, outdoor circuits or doing a yoga class over zoom to stretch it out, it’s still possible in this strange time, to find something you love to do that keeps you feeling great. There are a...

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