A Beginners Guide to Veganuary

Let's jump right in, what exactly is a vegan? According to The Vegan Society, veganism is ‘a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and  practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose’. So, as well as swapping out meat and dairy, this means doing your best to steer clear of animal products and exploitation whenever possible in all areas of life, from food to cosmetics. A lifestyle swap of this magnitude may come across initially intimidating, but initiatives like Veganuary are a great way to dip your toe in the plant-based pool without diving in at the deep end straight away. The Veganuary site itself is jam-packed full of advice, recipes and facts, which can help keep you afloat if you feel like you’re floundering at any point on your vegan journey.

From Plant to Plate
Food is probably the first flag post on any vegan voyage. It’s easy to start making swaps nowadays; the ethical alternatives found in supermarkets and restaurants is incredible, meaning a vegan diet is accessible to all with minimum effort. You can start by switching up little things, like oat milk instead of cow’s milk in your morning latte, or committing to meat free Monday’s each week. Most importantly, trying food with the mindset that it’s about finding something you love for what it is, not a direct replacement for something else is a great way to broaden your herbivore horizons. If you’re ever stuck for foodie inspiration,
there are so many incredible vegan chefs, recipes and ideas on YouTube and social media platforms like Pinterest - you’ll never have to make the same thing twice! Fill your pantry with the basics, (it doesn’t need to be expensive!) You can stock up on healthy whole foods such as legumes, dried pasta and lots of herbs and spices to give yourself a fantastic food prep foundation. Finding what you love is fun, try to enjoy yourself and play with your food. You never know, chickpea tuna could be the thing you didn’t know you were missing in your life!

Health & Beauty Heroes
When it comes to health and beauty, the two major terms you’ve probably heard of are ‘Cruelty Free’ and ‘Vegan’. They are not the same thing, and this can be confusing. Simply put, ‘Cruelty Free’ products haven’t been tested on animals, even when required by law in places such as China, and ‘Vegan’ products don’t contain any animal derivatives. Some big companies try to ‘greenwash’ the market by labelling products as vegan, when they have been tested on animals. Confusing huh?

A safe bet is it go for smaller, passionately ethical brands like us at Wavy Deo. We make choices that benefit of you, animals and the planet, and there are no confusing loopholes, just great deodorants! If you do want to pick up a product from your local Highstreet, Superdrug is probably the best bet. They clearly label products vegan and cruelty free, and they have a huge range of purse friendly options. You can also check out health stores like Holland & Barrett too for a decent selection of ethical products.


Wool, leather, fur… these are just a few things that don’t make the cut when it comes to vegan fashion. There are so many great animal-free options now, from small brands such as V.Gan footwear all the way to high street staples like M&S. It has never been easier to give your wardrobe an ethical refresh.
However, if you have a pair of leather boots, or a sheepskin jacket that you always wear, there is no point in throwing them out. If you feel uncomfortable wearing them, you can always donate to charity or give to a friend. The most sustainable piece of clothing is the item already in your wardrobe and if you choose to wear leather that you bought before turning vegan, don’t feel bad. It is sustainable and you can take a look at vegan leather options when you’re in need of a new pair.

Top Tips
Think about why you are doing this. Remember, when you’re shopping, cooking or eating out, that we are all human and slip-ups happen. You don’t have to beat yourself up if you make a ‘mistake’. You can still be vegan and live a vegan lifestyle, even if you accidentally consume an animal product. We live in a non-vegan world, so striving to live in an eco-conscious way already means you’re doing a great job, and you should be proud of yourself. It’s your journey, make your own path, go at your own pace and have fun!


Our natural deodorants at Wavy Deo are completely vegan, cruelty-free and plastic-free so check us out for an all rounder deodorant that fights body odour and is good for the environment!

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