How To Stay Fit and Fresh This Season

The run up to Christmas is often an indulgent spell, crammed full of celebrations and packed with decadent dishes, fizz and copious quantities of canapes. Whether you’re feeling the festivities or not this year, ensuring you make time to move your body and keep active is a great way to stay on top form mentally and physically.

Not only is outdoor exercise effective at keeping you physically fit, but the benefits of working out can be fantastic for your mental health too. Whether it’s running, outdoor circuits or doing a yoga class over zoom to stretch it out, it’s still possible in this strange time, to find something you love to do that keeps you feeling great. There are a huge variety of apps that are perfect for at-home workouts and even community-led programs like Peloton, which are perfect for an extra physical push.

As well as moving your body, thinking about imbibing mindfully this time of year is just as important. As tempting as it may be to consistently reach for the glass of wine as the cold evenings draw in, there are some amazing healthy alcohol-free options that you can pick up instead. Drinks like Seedlip are designed to have all the botanical flair of your favourite spirit, with none of the foggy-headed side effects the next day. We also love sipping on a gut friendly glass of kombucha, not only are these naturally sparkling beverages delicious, but they are great at giving your gut a healthy boost, which in turn can better your physical and mental health.


Festive treats can be some of the best things about this time of year but eating rich food too much too often can leave you feeling drained and bloated. To give yourself a natural energy boost, try swapping a processed sugary snack for a Medjool date stuff with a teaspoon of peanut butter, this is a juicy-sweet bite that will be sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. You can also swap out bags of fried crisps for some delicious baked, cheesy kale. Simply sprinkle kale with salt and nutritional yeast and oven bake until dry and crispy. You’re welcome!

We know how important it is to enjoy yourself this time of year and balance is truly key. You don’t have to create an extreme exercise or nutritional routine, and it definitely isn’t all about losing weight or wishing it was over; once you find a way to move your body and fuel yourself in a way that you enjoy, it can become a source of serious stress relief, balance and a powerful tonic for busy, over stimulated minds. Self-care is so important. Health and exercise are more than just arbitrary additions to our lives, if you get the balance right it can transform every aspect of how you feel on a daily basis and how you move through life.

Our deodorants are packed full of natural scents that will not only protect your underarms whatever your activity but will also boost your mood. The vegan, cruelty free and eco ingredients are the perfect fit for any lifestyle (and would make an excellent gift for loved ones too!) By buying online classes as your local studio, bulk booking classes with a personal trainer or shopping small with a brand like Wavy Deo this season, you will be making a massive difference on a personal level, whilst keeping yourself feeling (and smelling!) amazing. It’s a true feel-good festive treat, that’s a win-win for everyone!



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