How you can make YOU a priority this Valentines Day

February has begun which means it’s all about self-care here at Wavy Deo! We are going to discuss how to keep that skin glowing and your mind flowing so get into it!

With lockdown still looming over us coupled with winter weather, it is each to feel frazzled at the moment. From dark evenings to hours cramped over a screen, our minds and bodies are probably in desperate need of some serious TLC. An excellent way to show yourself some love is with a spot of self-care. From an acne-fighting and blemish removing Azelaic Acid face mask, to pedicures and even curling up in front of your favourite Netflix show; being kind to yourself is an act of love.

If you can take the time to do something you enjoy, like a slow flow virtual Tai-Chi class or a few re-energising moments of silence & stillness throughout the day, the chances are you will feel a lot better for it. Sometimes the smallest things can make a huge difference. Even doing your skincare ritual can be an act of self-love. Find a relaxing playlist, dim the lights and really take your time to wash your face and apply your evening skin products (cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, moisturiser, retinol and face oil - in that order).

Enjoy the fact that you are showing up for yourself and setting aside a moment of calm, just for you.

Another great way to show yourself some love is to get out for a breath of fresh air. Whether is a run, a soothing slow jog or a peaceful amble through the park, moving your body and taking in some deep breaths can help calm a racing mind and help you to feel grounded and ready for whatever tasks you need to accomplish. Whatever your activity of choice, it’s literally no sweat because our indulgent scented deodorants will naturally protect you from odour, without any nasty chemicals.

Our new natural deodorant Sweet Rebel is an incredibly feminine and sweet fragrance. It’s delicate and serene, yet it protects your underarms powerfully. With self-care in mind, cleansing your body and slicking on a beautifully scented deodorant like this, can help you feel empowered and encouraged on your self-care or mindfulness journey.

A truly powerful act of self-care is to start each morning with some positive mantras. As silly as you feel the first couple of times, stare at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself all the great things you are. You are beautiful. You are kind. The more you do this, the more you will believe it, and the power of thoughts to action will enrich your life exponentially. Every time you take a moment for yourself, whether that’s reading a book or drawing a relaxing bath, be thankful and acknowledge that you deserve moments that are just for you. Don’t feel guilty; work and other responsibilities need to be balanced out so that you can operate as the best version of yourself.

It may sound somewhat cliché but treating your body like a temple is a serious act of love. After all, it is our only constant home, and we truly get back out of it what we put in. From nourishing food and drink to natural skincare products and even thought-provoking podcasts, showing ourselves some love and forgiveness is vital for a fulfilled and happy life. Talk to yourself how you would talk to a friend, be kind to yourself and watch yourself flourish this February. Live more, worry less.

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